Tuesday, August 10, 2010


No new pictures in this blog, sorry! Our picture-worthy adventures are slowing down right now, but I'm sure we'll have more to share soon.

At the end of the month, we're going to a business dinner for Ben's work up in Perth. (Have I talked about this already? I can't remember.) Anyway, the tickets are all paid for, so we'll be heading up and staying the night so we can go out on the town and see Perth at night! We are also thinking about checking out the Zoo the following day. I guess the Perth Zoo is pretty sweet, so we want to see it since we'll be up there anyway. Will definitely get some pictures there!

Things at Ben's work are going well. Nancy is gone for a couple of weeks, so Ben is on his own with a list of things to do. He is also officially AutoCAD certified!! Pretty cool. He got his results back and they were VERY impressed with his drawings. They said his test was "exceptional all around" and he lost very very few points. He is such a smarty :)

Relief at the Early Learning Centre is going well for me. Very very hectic. My first day I was left alone almost all day with 10 toddlers (the ratio is 1:5). It's hard to get used to saying things like "wee on the toilet" and "change your nappy" and "time for morning tea". I usually say my American phrase first and then have to correct myself. I wonder how much time I will save once I get in the habit of saying the Australian phrase. Right now, I sound like this: "Charlie, time to pee on the potty. *Receive strange look from 2 year old like I am sprouting a second head* OH! I mean, Charlie, time to WEE on the TOILET! *Charlie smiles and comes running". That's a good 5-10 seconds per child I'm wasting. Jeez. I am meeting with a family today that I could possibly nanny for! It would be much less stressful--they have two boys, 3 and 6. The 6 year old is in school most of the day, so it would be me and the 3 year old for most of the day. The hours are great, it's full-time, and it's just the next town over. I hope it works out!

Our apartment is slowly filling up with things. Last weekend we got two bedside tables for our room, a vacuum, and some candle holders. We found an awesome headboard/footboard for $10 but it had sold! I was so bummed. It was perfect, and I haven't seen any of those under $100. Ohhhhhh well. We are still not sure if we're going to stay here. The bathroom has mold and it bothers both of us. Our lease here is 6 months, and then it goes on a month-by-month basis, so we may start looking for a new place after 6 months...probably in South Bunbury because it would be closer to my job and closer to the beach. We'll see!

Hopefully I will get this nannying job and then Ben and I can join the gym! Ben is excited to join a Squash team and I really want to do some Body Pump/Attack/etc. classes. I'm getting sick of working out in our spare room with just Jillian Michaels to keep me company.

That's all for now! Will update more later..hopefully with pictures, next time!

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  1. i actually thought about you over the weekend, we were having a community yardsale and the man and i had rounded up a ton of stuff to sell (since we're getting so many replacements as wedding gifts) i wished i could pack it all up and ship it over without it costing a billion dollars.