Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anticipating the taste of stolen lemons

I'm wondering if Ben and I are the modern day Adam and Eve. Except this time, Adam/Ben would get all the blame. The neighbors have a huge lemon tree that overhangs our side of the fence. The people in the adjoining unit to us are gone for a couple of weeks, because renovations are being done to their side of the building. That leaves us with the temptation of picking the lemons that hang over the fence. I didn't know if it was such a good idea--I mean, they're not our lemons to pick. God says stealing is wrong! Adam/Ben assured me that they wouldn't get harvested on this side--they would go to waste. If I make fresh lemonade, am I going to suddenly realize I'm naked? Is it possible for child-bearing to hurt any more than it already does? Will Satan take a snake form and kick it oldschool, or will it be a kangaroo, perhaps, in honor of us being in Australia? We'll see once we taste the Forbidden Lemonade.

These lemons are HUGE. I took a picture next to my fist so you could get an idea. They're about 3 or 4 times the size of the lemons in the States. Also, they smell amazing! People will think I've washed the floors with Pine Sol--yeah right! Who am I, Cinderella?

We took a little adventure yesterday driving as close to the Ocean as we could. It kept leading us back to the highway, which we were trying to avoid. We ended up at Peppermint Grove Beach. It's a beautiful area--there's a playground and a covered place where people were bbqing. And as soon as we stepped onto the sand, it felt like home. The sand was so fine! It's so different than the sand at the beach we usually walk on. Here's a picture of the beach:

On our way out of visiting one of the beaches, Ben spotted this sign. This wins the award of Creepiest Sign in the Universe that I Am Aware Of:

Oh, here's a funny sign in one of the beach parking lots. Careful, the HamBurglar might steal your valuables!
Mark was reorganizing his living room, and wanted to get rid of some furniture. We got two recliners and a dining table with 4 matching chairs! I'm so happy to be able to eat at the table with Ben now. Here's a picture (yes Mom and Dad, I actually packed that table cloth that you guys gave us from Wells Antiques--that's how much I love it!)

While we were driving, there were some really pretty areas that we had never seen before. One of them had tons and tons of white birds. I went to take a picture out the window and they heard me talk and flew further away, so you can't see them very well in this picture. But isn't the scenery beautiful?

Ben is currently at work, and when he comes home we'll be running 234762835 errands. We're going to open a savings account so we can start saving to come home--hopefully next June-ish. The tentative plan is, to save enough to come home for about 3.5 weeks, then fly to Europe and do some backpacking. The way we flew here was through Germany, so we could take a similar route. We'd like to see as much as we can while we're young and flying anyway! We're hoping to be home for 4th of July so my parents and Ben's parents can spend some time in Caratunk camping and seeing fireworks. Anyone else that is up for some tubing and camping should let us know. Ben's parents have an awesome spot on the lake and river in Caratunk, and a beautiful campground to stay in. Hopefully this plan works!

We also have plans to go to Margret River for our 1 year marriage anniversary (4 years being together!) It's like the Napa Valley of Australia. It's internationally known for it's wines. We're going to stay in a decent hotel (we have our eye on a 3 star hotel in the town, it's right above it's own restaurant and cafe) so we can spend more money doing whale watching, wine tours and tastings, checking out cafes, maybe renting some bikes. We are really excited! How are we ever going to top our 1 year anniversary? Hopefully in 25 years they can send us to the moon or something.

The nannying job didn't work out, I'm sad to say. But, it's okay. I am going back to the relief work tomorrow and they need me all week and next week. So we still have money coming in, and once my qualifications are assessed I will be able to take on a full-time permanent position for more money. It's a good job for right now, though.

So that's where life is right now. Hope you're all enjoying the summer! Ours hasn't even begun..I think we'll probably melt.

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  1. for my sake, PLEASE don't make childbearing more painful than it already is.

    everything looks so beautiful! i'm glad you two seem to be getting out and about and taking it all in so much.

    also, if you come home next june-ish you can meet my 5 month old baby. weird!

    love you! give ben a hug. a really long awkward one.