Sunday, October 2, 2011

Not much to say, but lots to show :)

Not much has changed since the last post. Still busy busy with work and the gym and friends and fun things. Ben and I are enjoying our lives as D.I.N.Ks

(Double Income No Kids)

Ben and I bought these lilies at Woolworth's, the grocery store. They are AMAZING. I have never ever seen lilies like this before...they're bigger than my head. You can smell them as soon as you walk in the front door, even though they're all the way in the living room. They were $15! I can't believe how fragrant and gorgeous they are. It was too hard to get a picture of them next to my head, so my hand will have to do!

Last blog I talked about our "cleaning" jar. It's workingggg....(we've scrubbed mold out of the shower and WASHED OUR WINDOWS. Who are we?!?!)

Ben's beer a-brewin'! It should be ready to bottle in a couple days. He bought a new kit and he's going to try using actual hops next time! Such a little scientist. (Our God-sent dryer behind it)

Guess what we're going to be for Halloween....get ready for the AWESOMENESS that is BenandJulie'scostumemakingabilities.

We've been in the process of re-arranging and cleaning and setting up 10 months after we moved in. It's fine. Here's a before picture of the corner of our bedroom...yikes..that was supposed to be my makeup/jewellery corner!

After picture of the corner, and a close up!

Close up of a picture I found today of Morgan and me from 2006 ish? She sent it to me last year in a card and I forgot I had it. We look so young and happy :) Miss you Morge!

Picture of the rest of the room. Our loft is SWEET. Will get an "after" picture when it's actually made and looks pretty..who knows when that will be!

This is next to the loft, under the window. It looks nice. That's an aloe plant. Since Mom and Dad T gave us an aloe plant a few years ago, we love them and can't get enough of them. (You basically cannot kill them...phew! We have a humongous one in our bathroom too!)

Corner of our living room that is finally done (almost):

Ben and me in Augusta last year (where the Indian and Southern oceans meet)

Shelf dedicated to our awesome little sisters:

One of my favorite songs (and bands)

The lyrics are part of the reason I love the song so much:


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  1. Haha I like that-DINKs. That's us too, as you know from my SP post. Happily kid-less for now.

    I like your place! We're trying to get ours straightened out and rearranged too and we've been here two YEARS! I'll have to find an aloe plant. Every plant we get dies :)