Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buffalo Beach, Lavendar Toilets, and other exciting news.

Ben and I have continued having wonderful adventures. Most involve our yard sale futon, 3 rounds of Phase 10, and episodes of "The Mighty Boosh". Just kidding...well, not really. That's what a typical week night is for us :)

Last weekend we had $20 to spend yard saling. We had to be super picky, but that's okay. We had fun and found some nice square dishes (we feel so fancy eating off of them!), a pretty wine rack (there's nothing in it, but maybe someday when we're loaded and classy.....), spoons, a free bottle to put (future) flowers in, another fruit bowl (we love our farmer's market fruit! We got a bag of 15 kiwi for $3 and it was the best kiwi ever!), etc. We also got a mattress and box spring for FREE from a couple in Dalyellup (Dal--ee--all--up). They originally wanted $30 for it, but when she found out we were from the States and had just moved here (and were broke), she said we could have it for free. They were really really nice and had two cute kids! She is originally from Detroit, and her husband is from Australia. She said to keep in touch and she could show us around. Dalyellup is a very neat and tidy, up and coming neighborhood/community, so we knew the mattress wouldn't be sketchy ;) If you are familiar with "Weeds" the tv show (Ben and I are die-hard fans), you will know just what I mean about Dalyellup when I say...

"Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky..."

That's a picture of our new bed, with the quilt that I busted a$$ to finish before we moved here. It's flipping beautiful, isn't it? Also, notice the curtains. They came with the apartment. That's all I'll say about that.

So, after a good 5 hours of yard saling (we really know how to stretch $20), we drove around the area and found some cool spots. One is called Buffalo Beach. Here are a couple pictures:

Buffalo Beach is really beautiful. It's just sand as far as you can see. Most of the beaches here are very sandy, with hardly any rocks. The sand is different from Maine though--it's not as fine. It's a little grittier, kind of like Old Orchard, but not dirty :)

We also followed a road that said there were camp sites--we wanted to see what they were like. I can't remember what it was called, though. Belvidere or something? It doesn't matter. Either way, we found THE MOST ridiculous roundabout you will ever see. Here is proof that Australia has gone completely bonkers with roundabouts:

Yes. This is a roundabout on a dirt, occasionally traveled, road. I couldn't believe it. They really have gone mental!

We continued through each direction on the roundabout, and discovered that the campsites were quite like what we're used to. A picnic table, a fire pit, some were near the water. They were pretty and very private. Some day we'll try camping there!

After we went exploring, we headed back towards Bunbury and walked along some footbridges in a beautiful part of town called Pelican Point. I would love to live here some day! (Or a place like it). They have gorgeous houses, many of them have their own boat yard! It leads right out into the ocean and many people have a dock and a boat to take out on the ocean. Here is a great example of one of the houses in Pelican Point (expensive!!!!!! you'll have to copy and paste the address into a new tab on your web browser. Make sure you look through all the pictures though! This house is gorgeous)

And here is a picture we took from one of the bridges:

After we went home and rested for a while (Ben was sick last weekend, but he's feeling better), we decided it was a good day to check out the observation tower. It had been sunny all day and not too windy, so we headed to Marlston Hill to climb the tower and get some pictures. Here are a few of the houses, the city, and the lighthouse from the very top of the tower!

The Lighthouse! Looks different than the ones in Maine, huh?

The city of Bunbury

Pretty pretty Bunbury!

And now, to make this blog a bit unpretty (like that TLC song, remember that one?? Old skool!!!!!!) We've had a few requests for more pictures of the apartment...specifically, the purple toilet. Do you people not believe us?!?! Just kidding. We have the ugliest toilets known to mankind. Mustard and lavendar. I guess the lavendar one isn't really ugly, but it's just strange. The large circles on the top of the tank are the flushers! So, I'll break the ice with the really ugly one.

Go Mustard! (Have I mentioned that it is not unlikely for you to see a separate room for the toilet in Australia? Our downstairs has a tiny little closet for the toilet, and then a large bathroom with sinks and counters and a huge shower. Weird!)

And....lavendar!! (The floor is much more purple than it looks in this picture. Don't let the blue tones fool you!)

Well there you have it. Our adventures as of Wednesday afternoon :) Tonight we'll be going to Nat's place for dinner. I also have a few job prospects, but nothing definite yet. Turns out I have to get my qualifications assessed which is a huge process, $100, and a royal pain in the BEhind. But it's what I have to do in order to get a job in my field over here. Let the paperwork begin!


  1. I WANT A PURPLE TOILET!!! and sign me up for that place in Pelican Point!

    i love all the photos (the quilt ROCKS!) it's so awesome to have all these new places to explore. you'll be able to fill that wine rack soon, australia makes some GREAT reds!

  2. ok you REALLY know how to stretch $20 - wanna be my financial advisor? also, i love love love the purple toilet.

  3. 20 bucks goes a LONG way! I wish i could do that! Also totally lovin' the quilt. Those patterns are rockin and they are so modern and it is just FABULOUS!!!!
    P.S. I'm kinda sad that you don't have a pink toilet instead of a mustard yellow one. that would've made your apartment one of the coolest places in the world lol