Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 3ish?

Things are starting to come together. Ben had his second day of work today, and was sent on all kinds of errands, some involving work, and some not. We now have health insurance! Ben's company bought him a phone and pays for it monthly. And his company also pays for our mailing address/post office box. Here it is, in case any of you would like it:

PO Box 2180
Bunbury, WA 6230

Also, we got some information from some banks, and tomorrow we will be going to open a checking and savings account. We'll also be finding out about loans, in case it ends up being a better deal than financing through a dealership. We found a car today at the Toyota dealership that we like (it's a 2003 Magna, and it only has 92,000km which is about 57,000 miles!), but we are going to look around a bit more tomorrow. It's hard because we are at the mercy of using Mark's spare car, so we have to go when his car is not being used (he uses his spare car when he goes to job sites, which is a few days a week). We also need to get a car kind of quickly, because Ben needs it for work, and we need it to look at apartments. We are going to two showings for houses tomorrow! Wish us luck!

Tomorrow we are going to a dinner party for Steve, one of Ben's co-workers. It's his birthday. And this weekend Ben is going to check out the squash courts at the gym (it's similar to raquetball). Depending on what time they go, I'm going to see if there is a group fitness class to try out as well.

We would also like to wish Mom Toothaker and Sarah wonderful birthdays today! We wish we could celebrate with you, but we hope you enjoy your days and you relax and make the men cook :)

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